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My Favorite Author Tools

I recently presented my favorite author tools to my local author group. While that presentation is available only to their members, I am able to share my powerpoint slides and some of the demos I created showing off how powerful the tools are. Please check these out below. In this presentation, I share one tool for six important areas for a writer.

How to:

1. Write faster using transcription services,

2. Fiix your clunky writing with AI enhanced writing tools,

3. Create beautiful eBooks and paperbacks with Atticus formatting software.
4. Design eye-catching graphics for book covers, social media, and ads.
5. Efficiently manage social media

6. Nail your Amazon categories, key words and more with market research

If you a more blabbly version of this content, I'm also sharing a Tik Tok video of an intriguing conversation with my author buddy, Suzanne Kelman, about our favorite tools we use to write our books. We went live on TikTok as Blondie and the Brit and I have the episode for you below.

We talk about Atticus (ebook and paperback formatting tool), ProWritingAid (writing/editing), Recurpost (social media), Canva (graphic design), Tailwind (Pinterest scheduling), Genius Link (link sharing), K-Lytics (marketing research), Otter, Rev, and Temi (Talk to Transcript apps).


You can watch it at below. 


Below are the links we discuss:

Atticus (book formatting App):

ProWritingAid (editor):

Recurpost (social media scheduling):

Canva (graphic design):

Tailwind (Pinterest scheduling):

Geniuslink (smart links):

K-Lytics (market research):

Otter (talk to transcription):

Demos of the Products

I had a chance to create a few demos of these products to show you some of their features. Check them out below. 


Otter.AI Demo

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