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Blondie's Custom Book Covers

Welcome to Blondie's Custom Book Covers. Our company was founded by an indie author to fill the existing gap in the book cover market for high quality photographic and editing services and stock photos for book covers at reasonable prices.


The saying goes, don't judge a book by its cover, but it is your main selling point for your book. Let us help you make an amazing first impression by creating a cover that pulls the reader in immediately. 


For our custom covers, we work with your cover idea, or help you develop one, and find the perfect image to get readers excited about purchasing your book. If we don't have a stock photo you like, you can find one for us to use, or we can find the location, models, wardrobe, and lighting to capture the essence of your story.


Once your cover image is captured our services continue with professional editing, cover, and text design, to a final digital image for your use. Whether your final product is an e-book or hard copy, we can provide the cover you need to maximize sales. We will provide a thumbnail, digital cover for upload to Amazon, etc., as well as a version for your printed copy complete with trim and back cover details.  



Find out more here. 

Below are a few of our covers. Click on them to find on Amazon. 

My Covers:

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