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We are looking for readers! I have several clients who are looking to launch their new books. One crucial element to help their launch is to have honest reviews in place when the books are published and shortly after. 

Are you interested in getting a free eBook in exchange for being part of their exclusive Advanced Reader or Review Crew Team? You'll be asked to leave a review on Amazon and other sites the week the book launches. We provide direct links to the sites review pages to make it easy. 

Sign up for one or more of these books. When they're ready, you'll receive the book in your email ready to read! Advanced Reader Teams are prior to the book being published, and the Review Crews are for books that are already out in the world. 

Upcoming Releases

Comedy Essays, Humor

October 5, 2o23

ebook draft.jpg
Ginny Advanced Reader.jpg

Raise your hand if you have ever run into a mannequin in a store and apologized. Continue to keep your hand raised if you want to pre-write thank you notes to those whom you anticipate attending your funeral because you suffer from chronic “way too nice” syndrome. Keep it up high if you have ever farted in church or yoga class. Man, my arm is getting tired!

Most people are awkward during the middle school years, grow out of it, and blossom into mature, well-functioning human beings…I’m still waiting for this to happen.

Awkwardness is my hidden talent, although most who know me would tell you it isn’t hidden—it’s written on my forehead. My daily life is filled with epic failures. Sometimes I feel like I’m one big malfunction! As I have gotten older, I just try to embrace it.

After you read this collection of essays, hopefully you will be able to accept your imperfections too! Nope, probably not because I’m still not there! However, maybe my comedy will stick with you like that hemorrhoid you can’t seem to get rid of, like ever—Good Talk…Good Talk.

Speculative Fiction/Crime/SciFi

August 21, 2o23

RIP the Sky ARC Graphic.jpg
Rip The Sky EBook 072523.jpg

Mark Packard's Rip the Sky will be published on August 21, 2023. Help make his book launch a success by reading and reviewing his first novel. 

After a shocking courtroom tragedy, a disturbed Vietnam veteran and the vindictive judge who sent him to prison become an unlikely pair of time travelers in a chaotic multiverse. The fallen angel who rescues them wants to guide them to a radiant new life. But first they must return to the scene of a ghastly crime. 

Billy Worster is a naïve teenager ill-prepared for the gruesome realities of war, when he is the sole survivor of a deadly massacre in a Vietnamese jungle, avoiding his certain death only because he runs away when the shooting starts. Riddled with guilt, he comes home to a dusty Texas farm with post-traumatic stress disorder and the crazy notion that he can fly in and out of parallel worlds.

As Billy struggles with addiction and questions his sanity, he is arrested on a drug charge and ends up in the courtroom of Judge Madeline Johnston, a bitter old judge tormented by a dark secret surrounding her father’s death. She callously tosses Billy into prison, but when a greedy executor files a lawsuit to steal his inherited land, Billy is hauled back to her courtroom in chains, where a stunning twist of fate launches them into the sky on an odyssey of discovery and healing.

Spanning forty years from the jungles of Vietnam through infinite, parallel worlds, Rip the Sky examines how the power of forgiveness can lead us toward a better life, no matter how many worlds we may live in.

Christian Fiction

September 14, 2o23

Third Dawn - eBook Draft Render 062723_e
ARC Banner The Third Dawn.png

Nichols turns his award-winning writing career to the greatest mystery of all time in The Third Dawn: From Bethlehem to Golgotha.

Accompanied by His lifelong friend, Nur, the young Jesus ventures throughout the towns and villages of Israel, Palestine, and across the sea to the port city of Ephesus. With Nur always at His side, Jesus experiences the joys and hardships of humanity—Jews and gentiles, rich and poor, believers and nonbelievers, freemen and slaves.

Nichols’ gifted storytelling brings forth this unique perspective on the life of the Messiah, providing a rare insight into His personal joys and suffering. The reader will experience the emotions of His power and authority when, on a mountaintop above Capernaum, He pronounces the future, and a spectacular miracle occurs in the city below.

The Third Dawn was initially published in 2011 but is now updated with new dialogue and more detailed settings.

Medical Thriller, Crime/Thriller

October 16, 2o23

Patrick Hanford - Desp of MAdams - EBook Front Only - Small.jpg
Desperation of Marla .png

Patrick Hanford’s award winning, best-selling series continues in the highly anticipated sequel to The Creation of Marla Adams.

DEA Agent Crosby Adams is brain dead and doctors have no hope for his recovery. Special Agent Marla Adams is determined to bring her husband Crosby back to life, for her own sake, but also for Crosby’s testimony against the shooter, possibly a member of a Mexican drug cartel Marla is chasing.

Desperate for hope, she stumbles across a discredited British doctor who promises a full recovery using his new hyper-stimulated stem cell technology. But when Marla discovers the doctor has an ulterior motive, the fate of everyone hangs in the balance. Will the experiment be successful, or will they all be sacrificed for this daring gamble?

Books Already Released



The Russian continues Thomas Nichols’ fact-based novels of the border wars along the southern boundary of the United States. Beginning with Color of the Prism, continuing with We Were Young Once . . ., and concluding with the third of these spellbinding stories, Nichols’ readers experience an insider’s view of the cartel-controlled human and drug trafficking.

In The Russian, New Mexico State Trooper Enrique (Ricky) Basurto joins other local, state, and federal agents in the Multi-Agency Human and Controlled Substance Interdiction Task Force. Focused along the desolate NM Hwy. 9 from Columbus to Animas, Ricky and his colleagues face the dangers of the powerful cartels, their heavily armed militias, the Russian Mafia, and the innocent men, women, and children who are their victims.

The near-ghost town of Hachita, New Mexico, is the bull’s eye in the war. It is here in the remote Chihuahua desert where life and death intersect, bringing about unexpected challenges to Ricky and his colleagues’ professionalism, ethics, and personal goals and fears.

Kilborn Review Crew.png
Wayne Hughes - Kilborn - Full Res - FRONT JPG.jpg

Kilborn focuses on a third-generation native son, Drake Kilborn. Under his father’s tutelage, he learned to pilot spray planes in his youth. Although it was generally understood he’d inherit the business, he felt the lure of moving to a nearby city so that he could continue flying, but for higher stakes and higher rewards, rewards from hauling illicit herbicides used to defoliate cotton—and cause cancer for those who handled it.


Kilborn was lured back to Jerrod by the death of his mother and the impact it had on his father. He took over the business, but his mother’s demise caused a growing depression, leading to a careless, terminal madness and flirtation with suicide. Freddy Paz, an undercover Texas Ranger working for Kilborn, travels with him to Jerrod and builds a case for his arrest. He finally reveals himself to people close to the Kilborn family and works—in vain—to bring Drake to justice. His final hour ends in a bizarre, other-worldly way fans of carefully-twisted horror stories will appreciate.Kilborn is told in the spirit of Faulkner and Grisham with a nod to Erol Stanley Gardner and Stephen King.

WWYO Ebook.jpg

Multiple award-winning author Thomas J. Nichols continues his fact-based accounts of the Border War Series with “We Were Young Once …” Following the success of “Color of the Prism,” this second in the series continues the Castenada/Basurto families’ dedication of stemming the flood of human and drug trafficking.

Centered in the near ghost town of Hachita, New Mexico, “We Were Young Once …,” brings the reader into the Chihuahua desert where the federal/state task force comes face-to-face with the victims and perpetrators of the Juarez and Sinaloa cartels.

A Writers’ Digest review described Nichols’ writing “…what impressed me was the verisimilitude, the sense of being taken into a story by an author who really had been there and done that.”

Patrick Hanford - The Creation of Marla Adams - Front Only - FullRes JPG.jpg

Someone is killing the citizens of Hildebrandt, Texas, and carving perplexing numbers on the bodies. Police Officer Marla Adams has never wanted to be the lead investigator of a major crime, but when her father, the police chief, struggles with mental illness and second in command, her husband Detective Crosby Adams, battles his own demons with drugs and alcohol, she is pressed to take control. Everyone expects her to fail.

Marla charges headlong to save her community from destruction and chases leads near home, across Texas, and halfway around the globe to Montenegro. But Marla is losing the battle and her will. The town is right. They're doomed. She doesn't stand a chance of finding the killer.

Until a secret is revealed. One that might break the case wide open and place her squarely in the sights of the monster taking lives in her backyard.

Patrick Hanford - Fabricated Lies - Front Only - FullRes JPG.jpg

Officer Remo Wolf is on the run. Can he prove his innocence before the assassins kill him?

Remo Wolf is a Chicago Police Officer haunted by memories of his tour in Afghanistan. Alcohol and his partner, Bobby Lynch, help soothe the rough edges. When Bobby is killed in a late-night ambush, Remo’s troubles escalate. With drugs in Bobby’s system and alcohol in Remo’s, the Police department publicly denounces them, leaving Remo ostracized and the search for his partner’s murderer consigned to oblivion.

When the police discover Bobby’s slaying is not an isolated incident, Remo is offered a chance at redemption as an undercover police officer and hunt those responsible for the assassinations. In an unnerving twist, Remo is framed for murder with a manipulated video, revealing his undercover identity. The roles have reversed, and he is now the hunted.

Maggie McCall is an ambitious Assistant State’s Attorney while hiding a romantic relationship with Remo Wolf from the public. Can she turn against him? A high-profile case capturing and convicting Wolf can propel her to the next level of her career.

On the run, Wolf must outwit the police, his paramour, the State’s Attorney’s office, and the assassins while searching for the only thing that can prove his innocence – the unmanipulated video.

Children's Books

Lakota Hero Horse ARC team header.png
lhh cover_edited.jpg

Book Four of the Cardwell Ranch Stories, Lakota, Hero Horse, begins with the Cardwell twins' tenth birthday party, a Christmas parade with their friends, and Christmas vacation with their grandparents. The story tells of gentle family celebrations, a "Charlie Brown" scrawny tree, hummingbird totem poles, and a courageous rescue by Lakota.

Meet the twin's group of friends, the Cansler's horses, Buster and Bobcat, and the grandparents who have also lived a rancher's life. 

Debra Steffens - Bailey Comes Home - Front Only - FullRes PNG.png

Bailey had had a very sad and lonely life. Her owners had left her on the side of the road. Even though she had been deserted and treated badly by her family, Bailey never loses her faith that somewhere there is a person who will love her just the way she is. She searches and searches to find her forever home. Travel along with Bailey on her adventure to find her home.

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